Workers Rights

A Workers' Rights Board is made up of concerned local leaders, drawn from a broad spectrum of the community. The WRB draws together the power of clergy, elected officials, academics, and other community leaders to exert moral and political pressure to support the right of workers to organize a union and bargain collectively.

WRB members exercise creative combinations of "moral persuasion" and public exposure tactics to put pressure on employers and other decision-makers who engage in unfair labor practices, including blocking their workers' right to decide, if they choose, to be represented by a union.



The WRB seeks to provide a collective and unified voice in support of workers, and to establish community standards for employer behavior.

Workers' Rights Boards undertake a range of activities as part of an ongoing campaign to put pressure on the boss including writing letters to management, or to customers or Boards of Directors; making delegation visits to management or relevant public officials and offices to request positive action, including neutrality during elections; conducting card check elections; appearing on television or radio programs to publicize the workers' cause and/or debate representatives of management; speaking with the press, writing press releases and letters to the editor; disrupting the flow of business for an employer until they respond to workers, and, demonstrating solidarity with workers at rallies and other public actions.

Workers' Rights Boards are one of the most visible ways to demonstrate community support for workers. A Workers' Rights Board is always anchored in a strong Jobs with Justice coalition, and more specifically in the context of a strategic campaign the coalition is working on. Boards don't function in isolation, but always as part of a campaign, as one tool among many in building support and resources for workers.

Call our office at 440-333-7007, if you feel you have a good case for the Workers's Rights Board.