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Cleveland Jobs with Justice fights for working people. It's that simple.
Whether it means rallying to support workers facing anti-union harassment from their employer, or joining allies to protect important public safety net programs like Medicaid, Cleveland Jobs with Justice is about SOLIDARITY.

When more of us start standing together, we can all start winning. By engaging with our allies and friends on a broad range of issues and campaigns, Cleveland Jobs with Justice pushes for militant action in the fight to protect working people, the services they need, and the rights they fought hard to win. At Cleveland Jobs with Justice we believe that sometimes you have to stand up, and sometimes you have to sit down, to win justice and dignity for working people.

Cleveland Jobs with Justice is an action oriented organization working for social change. Traditionally, our work relates to a few different subject areas:

We fight for Economic Justice for all workers. We believe everyone deserves to make a decent living wage and working people should not be living in poverty.

We believe in Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We support local, statewide, and national campaigns to protect all workers and the efforts to stop deportations until reforms are passed in congress.

We support Workers Rights, their right to organize in the workplace and collective bargaining. We advocate for legislation that supports this right. We also bring people together in local union fights where our collective strength is beneficial to a local union.

We believe in Fair Trade not free trade. We believe in the rights of workers not corporations in the global economy.

As the corporate world continues to tighten its hold on our political and economic culture, a voice for working people is needed now more than ever. Cleveland Jobs with Justice is committed to being that voice for worker justice.

We engage with our allies on a wide range of issues, but these four issue areas are central to the work we do. Our coalition partners continue their daily work around these issues reaching out throughout the community, the state and some even nationally.

One thing we do know, when we come together our voice is too loud to ignore. In whatever campaign we engage, the demands are the same - respect, dignity, fairness, and justice for all people. Our Membership Organizations various labor, community, and faith organizations in Cuyahoga County and Northeast Ohio, area are officially affiliated with Cleveland Jobs with Justice and participate on our Steering Committee. If you are an organization interested in joining our growing list, please connect with us by calling our office at 440-333-7007.

All photography provided by Deb Kline

A proud member for over 10 years.

A proud member for over 10 years.

Listen for us on the Union Edge.

Listen for us on the Union Edge.