Cleveland Jobs with Justice unites labor, faith and community organizations to stand in solidarity with our union brothers and sisters as the unified voice for worker justice in the Cleveland area.  We organize our members and the community around worker issues.  When called upon, we join in the fight to raise wages,  the fight against privatization, the fight to retain jobs or help in workplace organizing campaigns.  We also stand with our sister community organizations as they rally around issues facing the working poor.  Simply put…. we are among the leaders in the fight for worker justice in the Cleveland area and throughout Northeast Ohio.  

 I am sure you will agree with us, no one in any industry whether it be home health care workers, janitors, fast food workers, store clerks, or any other workers should be working a full-time job and continue to struggle to make ends meet.  They should not be working 40 hours a week and still be eligible for aid through public assistance programs.  Workers should not have to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet.  However, that is the reality of so many workers in Northeast Ohio and across this nation.    

 It is now clear that our core values will continue to be under attack, making out work so vitally important.   But, without you and your generous support, our work cannot continue.  Once again we are asking for your help.   We need you, so we can continue to stand up for the workers in the Cleveland area.    Please send a generous donation today.    Please click here to donate. There are several levels of giving, every donation is important, and each will help us reach our goal.  Please act now.

 Thank you for your past and for your continued support as we continue our important work in the coming year.  Please feel free to call Deb Kline at 440-333-7007, if you have any other questions or need more information. 

In solidarity,

Deb Kline, Director